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The forever changing nature of the Internet makes it next to impossible to guarantee that these sites will remain functional. If you run across sites listed here that are no longer in existence or have changed their site content please notify me immediately by clicking on this link Please include the name of the site so I can remove it from this list.

The following sites MAY contain fee-based advertising

These sites have been listed here for your convenience. We have not reviewed them. If you decide to pay for advertising and choose any of these sites, please, make the the time to investigate it first. What exactly will you get for your money? Inquire about the number of hits or exposures you will get for your money, and also what kind of tracking system each site offers for your ad. Remember that hits or exposures are only people viewing the advertisement and not necessarily people filling in the form to ask for more information.

We are uncomfortable suggesting that you spend money on advertising especially if you are working on a tight budget. There are lots of free places to advertise. You will get better results spending your money on phoning people,  3-way calls with your team leaders and on the training calls. If you can afford to invest some money on advertising, we have made it easier to find some sites to do so.

1 Ads Free Classifieds
1 AmericaMall Classifieds
1st Place Classified Ads
1 Stop Free Classifieds
5 StarAds
5 Star UK Classifieds
2001AD Classifieds
AAA Classifieds
Absolutely Free
Adfront.com Classifieds
AdlandPro Classifieds
Adland World's Classifieds
Ad-Ministrator Classified
Ad Net! Classifieds
Ads For Free
Advantage Classified Ads
Ad Vault
Advent Marketing Classifieds
Advertising Australia
Africa Online
AlamoNet Classifieds
Alana's Classified Ads
Alpha-Beta Classifieds
American Ads
Arkansas Classified Ads
Asiaville: Asia Trademart
At Home Employment Classifieds
Athenea Benidorm
A-Z Free Classifieds
Bargains Online Classifieds
Barter Board Xchange Ads
BeaumontNet Classifieds
Bestmall Classifieds
Bizads.com Ad Mall
Blue Grass Shopper
BMI's Free Classifieds
Boaters Classifieds
Boeyong Promotions
Budget Biz-Op's
Business Connection
By Land Or Sea Classifieds
Canadiana Classifieds
Cape Ads
Capitol Online Web Ads
CashInSite Classifieds
Classified King's Classifieds
Classifieds 2000


Classifieds For Free
Classified Today
Click Classifieds
Clockwatchers' Classifieds
Coastal Visions Classifieds
Commerce Corner
Communications Plus!
Compshack's A-Z Free Ads
Computer Classifieds Free Ads
Computer Currents
Cool Cash Classifieds
Creative Visions, Inc.
Cyberian Outpost
Cyber Market Classifieds
Cyber-Tized Mall
Cyco Classified Ads
Daremore Classifieds
Data Matrix Web Classifieds
DejaNews Netsearch
Dietrich's Enterprise's Classifieds
Dog Byte Enterprises
Duke's Free Classifieds
Duncan Expose Classifieds
DynaWEB Gold Gazette
Earthlink Classifieds
Erie Classifieds
Excite Classifieds
FormRunner Add-An-Ad
For World
Free Classified Ads
Free Classifieds
Free Classifieds at 4-1-1.com
Free Classifieds Worldwide
Free Garage Sale
Free World-Wide Classifieds
Front Page Classifieds
Futurama Online Mass Mall
Galactic Mall Classifieds
Gateway2China Classifieds
Gateway Emporium
GeoCities Free Classifieds
Globalfronts Classifieds
Global SIC Classifieds
Gold Mall Classifieds
Gold Quest, Inc.
Good As Sold
H.B. Advertising
Hooverdog's Classified Ads
Horses Classifieds
Impact Online
Incor's Free Classifieds
Infoseek Classifieds
Inside The Web Classifieds
Intellect Zone
Internet Direct Classifieds
Internet Flea Market
IVCS Classifieds
JLA Free Classifieds
John's Free Classifieds
JumboAd Classified Ads
Just Malls
KPIX Free Classifieds
Leisure Living
Lori's Business & More
Louisiana - Classifieds
Lycos Classifieds
Mac Addict Computer Ads
Maine Classified Ads
Marketing Resource
Megabucks Classifieds
Metro Online Classifieds
MLM Classifieds
MultiLevel World
National Classifieds
Ncpeddler Classifieds
Nelson Publications
Nerd World Classifieds
Net Classifieds
Netcom Computer Classifieds
Net Free Classifieds
NetLinks Classified Ads
NetMarketers Classifieds
Net Nickel Classifieds
NetPower Publishing's Ads
Netrepreneur Lair
Networked Classifieds
Networked Classified Ads
Nightfall Classified Ads
NMB's WWW Classifieds
NPS Global Classified Ad Mall
Ole-Net Classifieds
Opportunity Classifieds
Oxydollars Free Classifieds
Pages Online Classifieds
Pat's Free Ads
Penny Saver USA
PILL Classifieds
Planet Link Classifieds
PromotePlus Classifieds
Quick-Checks Classifieds
RBS Marketplace
RDO Technologies
Redding Cyber Mall Classifieds
Reny's Free Classifieds
Rising Star 2000 Classifieds
SA Biz Net Classifieds
Santa Barbara Internet Mall
Shopping Center.net
Shoppersmart Classifieds
Smart Photo Classified Ads
South Whales Noticeboard
Spilled Ink Free Classifieds
SPlusnet Classifieds
Stat Claim's Classifieds
StrikeIt Rich Classifieds
Supply & Demand
Svoboda's Classifieds
ToSell.com Classifieds
Treasure Valley Online
Triad Search Online
Tropi-Ties Classifieds
Ultralight Flyer Online (Pilots)
Universalprofit's Classifieds
University Text.com
Used Part.com
U sell-it
Virtual Vernon Hills
Webquests Free Classifieds
WebTrak Classifieds
Work At Home 4 U Classifieds
World Of Classifieds
World's Classifieds
Worldtravel Classifieds
World-Wide Collector's
WWW Classifieds
Yahoo! Classifieds
Yaletown Online Free Ads

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